Bill Hewitt wins 2018 A O Jones

The first Open A O Jones attracted 28 entries.

The eventual winner Bill Hewitt, led from the start and only drew in the last round against the top grade Adam Rakos.

Apart from his draw with Bill, Adam Rakos also drew with Andrew di Vetta.

Alan Young (winner for the last 3 years) lost in the first round to Sipho Donovan, before completing four straight wins.

The win Chris Boyd enjoyed the most was against his old chess tutor from Newport, Robert Taylor, and the only game he lost was to Moss McCarthy.

Tomasz’s only loss was to Adam Rakos

The final results were:

Winner with 4.5/5 – William Hewitt

Joint Second place with 4/5 – Adam Rakos, Alan Young and Chris Boyd

Under 1900 Grading Prize Winner with 3.5/5 – Tomasz Miga

Under 1500 Grading Prize Joint Winners with 2/5 – Janet Evans, Sean Denton, Tomos Roberts and Aidan Reilly