Results are in from the Mercia Megafinals, Hereford 29th April 2018

A good number of welsh juniors (many from Monmouth) competed in the The Mercia Megafinals held at Hereford on 29th April 2018.

The results were:

In the U-7’s Girls event:
1st Amalia Richardson 2.5/6.

In the U-7’s Boys event:
1st Tom Casadesus-Hall 4/6.
2nd Zacariah Mason 3.5/6.
3rd Oscar Brockley 2.5/6.

In the U-8’s Girls event:
1st Elin Philips 4/6.
=2nd Anabel Macmillan and Loveday Rowell 3.5/6.

In the U-8’s Boys event:
1st Freddie Dale Hickey 6/6.
=2nd Thomas Vizard, Archie Hewitt and William Adams 4.5/6.

In the Girls U-9’s Girls event:
1st Eloise Walker 3/6.
=2nd Heidi Clarke and Cerys Davies 2.5/6.

In the Boys U-9’s event:
1st Benjamin Russell 5/6.
=2nd Carlos Patterson Navarro and Alexander Moat 4.5/6.

In the Girls U-10’s event:
1st Iris Pizii 43/6.
2nd Elizabeth DaleHickey 1.5/6.
3rd Heidi Fish 3/6.

In the Boys U-10’s event:
=1st Lewis Wynn and Jonathan Darwood 5/6.
3rd  Vedant Luchman Singh 4/6.

In the  Girls U-11’s event:
1st Zara Dhome 6/6.
2nd Xanthia Harris 4/6.
3rd Daisy Phillips 3.6.

In the Boys U-11’s event:
1st Toby Creweread 5/6.
=2nd Kip Sampson, William Kelsall, Ralph Warner and Jake Morris 4/4.

In the Girls U-12’s event:
=1st Anesha Walker and Isabelle Madge 2/6.

In the Boys U-12’s event:
=1st Tobias Davies, Jonathan Haverty and Rory Blackburn 3/6.

In the Boys U-13’s event:
1st Zach Maydew 4/6.
=2nd Kit Skailes  and Oliver Griffiths 3/6.

In the Boys U-14’s event:
1st Beren Griffiths 5/6.
=2nd Jim Ameghino and Tom Skerrett 3/6.

In the Boys U-15’s event:
1st Daniel JJebaransari 5/6.
2nd Jack Blackburn 4.5/6.
3rd Laszio Bolgar 4/6.

In the Girls U-16’s event:
1st Elizaveta Sheremetyeva 5.5/6.

In the Boys U-16’s event:
=1st Rhys Barrett and Georgij Liasenko 4/6.

The Final Table can be viewed here.

Some photos from the event are below.

Under 7’s Boys winners

Under 8’s Girls winners

Under 9’s Boys winners

Under 9’s Girls winners

Under 10’s Boys winners

Under 10’s Girls winners

Under 11’s Boys winners

Under 11’s Girls winners

Under 12’s Boys winners

Under 13’s Boys winners

Under 14’s Boys winners