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1) Captains will be given a link to their own Team Entry and Team Results Forms.

2) Team lists must be submitted using the official Team Entry Form, no later than 7pm on the day preceding the round.

3) If a team list has not been received by the time specified in 2) then the top 4 boards, according to the Teams Page on this site, will be used as a default.

4) Captains should inform their players that they have to forward their results to them, as soon as their game has finished.

5) Captains should aim to send in their team's results, using the official Team Results Form, as soon as the final game in their match has finished.

6) The organisers will make every effort to publish the next round pairings for the swiss section, and also the results and updated table positions, within 48 hours after the round has finished.

7) Board pairings will be published 1 hour before the start of the round.

8) Changes to the team lists can be made up to 2 hours before the final board pairings are published, provided the conditions in 2) has been met. Please ensure that you have an acknowledgment from the organisers.

9) In the event of issues during the matches please contact Kevin Staveley  or the designated arbiter.

10) For those unfamiliar with playing on lichess, it is recommended that you play some practice games, following the instructions on the lichess instructions page.

11) There will be a best game prize. Please encourage your players to send in their best games to Kevin Staveley, annotated would be good.

Captain's Guidelines

Team Lists Received

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