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Welsh Schools Team Rapid Play March 2024

Secondary School Teams


Cardiff High A (Cardiff High School)

Cardiff High B (Cardiff High School)

Crickhowell A (Crickhowell High School)

Crickhowell B (Crickhowell High School)

Rougemont 1 (Rougemont School)

Rougemont 2 (Rougemont School)

St John's A (St John's College)

St John's B (St John's College)

St John's C (St John's College)

The Cathedral School A (The Cathedral School, Llandaff)

The Cathedral School B (The Cathedral School, Llandaff)

Whitchurch A (Whitchurch High School)

Whitchurch B (Whitchurch High School)


Primary School Teams


Check Mates (Lakeside Primary, Cardiff)

Evenlode (Evenlode Primary)

Fairfield Blues (Fairfield Primary School)

Fairfield Reds (Fairfield Primary School)

Howardian Hawks (Howardian Primary School)

Lakeside Chessmates (Lakeside Primary, Cardiff)

Lakeside Dragons (Lakeside Primary, Cardiff)

Lakeside Knights (Lakeside Primary, Cardiff)

Lakeside Rookies Cookies (Lakeside Primary, Cardiff)

Lakeside Rooks (Lakeside Primary, Cardiff)

Redhill Knights A (Redhill Preparatory School)

Redhill Knights B (Redhill Preparatory School)

Rougemont 1 (Rougemont School)

Royal Rooks (Lakeside Primary, Cardiff)

St John's Bishops (St John's College)

St John's Rooks (St. John's College)

St Peter's Bishops (St Peter's)

St Peter's Rooks (St Peter's)

St Woolos (St Woolos Primary School)

The Checkmates (Thornhill Primary School)

The Kingfishers (Lakeside Primary, Cardiff)

The Masters (Thornhill Primary School)

Ysgol Llanhari A (Ysgol Llanhari)

Primary School Individual


Andrei Zhuravlev (St Mary's Catholic Primary School)

Aran Daffydd (Ysgol Llanhari)

Chun Hin Tang (Whitchurch Primary School)

Damien Dryland

Danny Jenkins (Southpoint Primary School)

George Thompson (Our Lady of the Angels (Cwmbran))

Haroon Haddadi (Howardian Primary School)

Kenul Herath (Cardinal Newman CS)

Neili Herath (Maes Y Coed Primary School)

Reece Thomas (South Point Primary School)

Samuel Addison (The Lighthouse)

Tommy Davies-Green (South Point Primary)

Trystan Williams (Ysgol Pencae)

Uzair Ahmed (Rougemont School)

Will Weihang Wang (Thornhill Primary School)

Zareef Subhan (Rougemont School)