Welcome to the new Welsh Chess Union ratings website!

At first sight you will probably be thinking - "Err, what's new about it?" Well, it has the same look and feel as the previous website, but then why not? Robert Taylor did a great job making it friendly and very simple to find your way around and so that has been retained. Under the hood, though, a lot of the programming code has been changed to make it easier to adapt whenever we need new features.

One thing you will probably notice is that we no longer have batch ratings that changed after every 25 games. Instead your official rating will now only change every Jan 1st and Jul 1st, however many games you play.

Some new features include:

Finally, enormous thanks need to go Matthew Lunnon who has written all of the code for the website and come up with most of its new ideas!

Please note : rating officers are sometimes given wrong information about game results or they might copy them wrongly themselves. If you think you can see any errors please inform your zone's rating officer ASAP.

Here they are :-

Dyfed - Iolo Jones - iolojones@iolojones.plus.com
East Glamorgan - Paul Orton - ratingofficer@welshchessunion.uk
Gwent - Paul Orton (probably soon to be replaced!)
North Wales - Pete Heaven - nwro@welshchessunion.uk
West Wales - Ben Rowlands - West Wales Chess League - Contacts

General rating issues - Paul Orton - ratingofficer@welshchessunion.uk