UKCC Online Chess Challenge

Last week we setup the official UKCC Online Chess Club  This is free for all players and we are running daily events plus multiple events at the weekend. If this doesn’t clash with anything you are doing we’d love it if you could direct any chess playing children this way. If you’d like to get involved by playing in the tournaments or some other way please let us know. For example we could setup an online simul giving a chance for local juniors to play against a titled player with some live commentary.

We are streaming some of the tournaments and offering some free daily lessons on our twitch channel

The next online event is tonight at 6pm on It’s a 10 minute blitz arena (90 minutes duration)

Alex Longson

P.S. We are running some interactive lessons in the summer as an alternative to the chess clubs we would normally run. We’ve got some interesting learnings from using zoom and lichess. If you were thinking of doing something similar and wanted a bit of advice or help getting setup we’d be more than happy to help out if we can.