Gwynedd Championship 2011-2012

Round-by-round results below this table

John Shakespeare10.50.51145
Will G Williams01110.53.55
John Blore0.50.5110.53.55
Deio Parri10.50.50135
Richard Burton1110035
John Bowers0.510.50135
Briant Bourne100.5102.55
Joshua Pink1001 24
Michael A Lee00.51001.55
Barrie Wells000 114
Huw Davies0100015
Simon Armstrong000  03

Round-by-round details

Round One Pairings and Results

John Bowers0.50.5John Blore
Richard Burton10Huw Davies
Deio Parri10Barrie Wells
John Shakespeare10Will G Williams
Joshua Pink10Michael A Lee
Simon Armstrong01Briant Bourne

Round Two Pairings and Results

Briant Bourne01Richard Burton
Barrie Wells01John Bowers
Michael A Lee0.50.5John Shakespeare
John Blore0.50.5Deio Parri
Huw Davies10Simon Armstrong
Will G Williams10Joshua Pink

Round Three Pairings and Results

Richard Burton10Joshua Pink
John Bowers0.50.5John Shakespeare
Huw Davies01John Blore
Deio Parri0.50.5Briant Bourne
Simon Armstrong01Michael A Lee
Barrie Wells01Will G Williams

Round Four Pairings and Results

John Blore10Richard Burton
John Shakespeare10Deio Parri
Will G Williams10John Bowers
Briant Bourne10Michael A Lee
Joshua Pink10Huw Davies
Barrie Wells  Simon Armstrong

Round Five Pairings and Results

John Blore0.50.5Will G Williams
Richard Burton01John Shakespeare
John Bowers10Briant Bourne
Deio Parri10Huw Davies
Michael A Lee01Barrie Wells
Simon Armstrong  Joshua Pink