League Table 2018/19

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Colwyn Bay Bishops6132511
Colwyn Bay Knights6033310.5

Final positions are determined by match points.
Ties are broken by considering results between the
teams involved.

Game points are NOT part of the tiebreak procedure,
but are included for interest.

Fixtures & Results

The bd4 game from 20/11/18 was played at Bangor, 14/1/19.

Yellow Background - Postponed

Tuesday16/10/2018Colwyn Bay Bishops22Colwyn Bay Knights
Monday12/11/2018Bangor3.50.5Colwyn Bay Bishops
Tuesday20/11/2018Colwyn Bay Knights1.52.5Caernarfon
Tuesday11/12/2018Caernarfon13Colwyn Bay Bishops
Tuesday18/12/2018Colwyn Bay Knights22Bangor
Tuesday29/1/2019Colwyn Bay Knights22Colwyn Bay Bishops
Tuesday5/2/2019Colwyn Bay Bishops1.52.5Bangor
Tuesday19/2/2019Caernarfon2.51.5Colwyn Bay Knights
Monday4/3/2019Bangor2.51.5Colwyn Bay Knights
Tuesday5/3/2019Colwyn Bay Bishops22Caernarfon