You don’t need to do anything else. Your round 1 game will start automatically at the stated time. All rounds will start automatically after the final game of the round has finished. If there is a delay due to the previous round going on longer that expected, you will be notified by the arbiter on lichess chat. When the round starts, bear in mind that you may have a bye. In that case you will not be automatically presented with a board.


7) Optionally, you can adjust your preferences such as ‘pre-move’ or ‘auto-promote to queen’ option. To do this click your profile at top right then click ‘Preferences’. Once in, have a flick through the options to customise as you see fit.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Players


Tournament will be played on and will require an account. If you have a lichess account already and are a member of the WCU Group, then skip to step ‘4’. If you only have access to a phone/tablet then you need to follow instructions on your browser. Then play the tournament on your browser too.


1) To create a lichess account navigate to and at the top right click ‘sign-in’.

2) Next, click register.

3) On the next page fill in all of the details and accept everything then click register. You might be asked to confirm via E-Mail as a security measure. Now your account is made.


4) In order to play in this event, you will need a) to be a member of the WCU, b) have a password to join the tournament in lichess and c) have a lichess id. To obtain a password you must fill in the Entry Form as shown below. Your membership number can be found on the membership page on the WCU site.

5) The event will be held on a lichess team ‘Welsh Chess Union’. The team can be found here. Alternatively, if you don’t have the link in the future, on lichess, you can navigate to Community/Teams/All Teams and search for the team. If you are not already a member, you will see the green JOIN TEAM button. Click on this and you will be presented with a simple mate in 1 problem. After completing this, click the blue Join Team button and wait for the administrator to accept your membership before proceeding. Once accepted you will see your id in the Recent member's column.

Once inside the team, under the ‘Tournaments’ section, select the following event (choose the appropriate Week number)

Then click the JOIN button to enter the event, E.g.:

After clicking the JOIN button you will be prompted to enter the password that was sent to you after entering the event via the WCU website.

6) To join the tournament you will need to go to the team Welsh Chess Union.