The Welsh Chess Union ratings website!

    Dyfed - Paul Orton -

    East Glamorgan - Paul Orton -

    Gwent - David Norris -

    North Wales - Paul Orton -

    West Wales - Ben Rowlands -

    General rating issues - Paul Orton -

    Please note - Rating officers are sometimes given wrong information about game results or they might copy
    them wrongly. If you think you can see any errors please inform your zone's rating officer ASAP.

  To all players playing abroad - Please let your rating officer know before leaving for a foreign tournament.
    Games will not be rated unless the RO is aware of your participation beforehand. Failure to alert the RO runs
    the real risk that your games will be lost. All games played in Wales or high-profile ECF tournaments, such as
    the 4NCL and British Championship are exempt from this, as are games representing Wales in official
    International competitions, as these will be picked up anyway. If one person alerts us to an
    event where multiple Welsh players are playing, then all WCU players in that event will be rated.

    Junior 4NCL All English juniors' ratings will be as published by the 4NCL +100 points.
    The justification for this is that :-
    (a) all opponents are guaranteed to be juniors and
    (b) they are likely to be juniors who have been active during the pandemic and whose ratings
    have not been uplifted by the ECF. This will apply for the 2021-22 season.
    For all other games against ECF opponents the ratings will be taken from the ECF rating database
    in accordance with pre-pandemic rules. This is because we cannot absolutely verify the age of the opponent.