World Seniors Team Championship in Dresden Results 6th – 15th July

After a thoroughly entertaining and hard fought event, both the Over 50’s and Over 65’s teams competed with varying degrees of success despite both teams experiencing difficuties with their players.

The Over 50’s team were seeded 52nd of 67 teams but failed to acheive their expectation despite valiant efforts by individuals (in particulat Jiohn Fletcher) resulting in a final standing of 55th out of 67 teams. In fairness, they were hampered by the loss of Huw Morcom roughly halfway through the event.

However, the Over 65’s team were seeded 35th out of 61 teams. They exceeded their expectations resulting in a final placing of 25th out of 61 teams. As usual they relied on an outstanding performance from Iolo Jones who was unbeaten and despite John Thornton suffering throughout by Shingles.

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