Clubs and Covid-19: Advice – Updated 1st October 2020

        As we all know, the situation due to Covid-19 in Wales is being constantly reviewed by the Welsh         Government, with the guidance and rules changing almost on a weekly basis. We have seen in         September that the predicted second wave is now happening. […]

COVID Guidance / Recommendations

As the Welsh Government (WG) announces changes to regulations it remains the case that clubs and organisers must continue to take responsibility for any events they put on, with suitable risk assessments, mitigation arrangements and precautions in place. This page summarises some of the key WG guidance points and recommendations which are relevant for chess […]

COVID-19 WCU Club Zoom Meeting

Over many months Welsh Chess Union officials have been monitoring both Welsh Government regulations and Welsh Sports Association advice.

We hope to have more information when the next announcement is made prior to 6th August.

The Welsh Chess Union has organised a Zoom meeting for one official from each club (and also Zone officials) which […]

Coronavirus and Over the Board chess

The Management Board has for some time been considering how and when over the board activities may resume. We are consulting with and taking advice from the Welsh Sports Association, of which the WCU is a member. They in turn are continually in touch with the Welsh Government and their advice / legal requirements concerning […]

COVID-19 and WCU Annual Membership Fees

The July meeting of the Management Board discussed the continuing coronavirus crisis and its effect on chess activity. It was agreed that priority will be given to creating a programme of online events for WCU members.

The MB also discussed the resumption of over the board activities, and clearly there is much uncertainty over when […]