Welsh Junior Championships – The Cathedral School, Cardiff – this weekend

During this weekend at the Junior Championships  We ask all players not to shake hands at the beginning or end of games Throughout the Chanpionships there will be hand wipes available and would encourage all players to use these before games (and during games if necessary). The only refreshments on sale will be tea. coffee, […]

First Rank Newsletter 42

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Junior Rapidplay Ratings Update

The Sptember 1st list is now available for downloading or printing on the Grades page.

Glorney Gilbert 2020

Ian Eustis writes:

This year the tournament was meant to be held in France, but Covid 19 soon put paid to that.

Eventually an offer to hold the tournament on line from Alex Holowczak, the Director of Junior Chess for England, was accepted. 

Paradoxically, France then declined to participate. (They had rearranged their junior championships […]

First Rank Newsletter 37

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First Rank Newsletter 36

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First Rank Edition 35

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Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC)

Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC), which as I’m sure you know delivers chess to schools mainly in inner cities, has launched a campaign to get 1 million children playing chess online during lockdown. While schools are closed, both schools and parents would appreciate an activity for children that keeps them entertained constructively […]

UKCC Online Chess Challenge

Last week we setup the official UKCC Online Chess Club https://www.delanceyukschoolschesschallenge.com/online-chess-club-2020/  This is free for all players and we are running daily events plus multiple events at the weekend. If this doesn’t clash with anything you are doing we’d love it if you could direct any chess playing children this way. If you’d like to […]

First Rank Edition 34

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Chess Activities Online

Advice for Parents about online chess for their children

If parents are interested in allowing their children to play chess online there are lots of sites available, many of which are free to use.  However there are a number of features of which they should be aware with regard to Safeguarding.  Some of the sites offer games […]