The Check Weekly 12/9/20

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Wales v Lesotho Online match 5/9/20 Result

The match consisted of two rounds over 12 boards. 

Wales won the first round of matches 9.5 – 2.5 and won the second round 10.5 – 1.5. 

Overall the score was Wales 20 – 4 Lesotho.

The captain was Jason Garcia.

The full results can be downloaded here.

ECU E-Magazine August 2020

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The Check Weekly Inaugural Edition 28/8/20

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Wales at the FIDE Online Chess Olympiad – August 2020 by Jason Garcia

Every 2 years FIDE organises a world team championship event and this was due to be played in August 2020 in Russia over a two and a half week period.  Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 this event was cancelled and instead FIDE organised an online event. This event was organised at very different time limit […]

2020 Online Olympiad

Our team starts tomorrow (7/8/20) to compete in an 11 -team all-play-all.

The results can be found here:

2020 Online Olympiad News (3/8/20)

    Our FIDE online olympiad team has just found out who we have been paired against in division 3 of this event.  We have been paired with 9 other countries which are shown below in the attached link.  Our matches will start at 12pm utc time on friday august 7th and we will play […]

ECU E-Magazine July 2020

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4NCL Online and Junior 4NCL Online Seasons 2 and 3

The 4NCL has anounced the expected schedule for seasons 2 and 3 of both the 4NCL Online and Junior 4NCL Online.

The dates for all fixtures can now be found on the Calendar.

The 4NCL have confirmed that:

“Many thanks to everyone who responded to the 4NCL Online and Junior 4NCL surveys (which you can […]

Welsh team selection for 2020 Online Olympiad

The full Welsh team has now been anounced for the upcoming 2020 Online Olympiad which starts on July 22nd. These are as follows:

Category ‘Main’ Players Reserves Open Boards 1. Greg Toczek 3. Jason Garcia 2. Tim Kett 4. William Hewitt Women’s Boards 1. Olivia Smith 3. Julie Wilson 2. Kimberley Chong 4. Vacant Open […]