Attention all Senior members!

The WCU is keen to promote Senior Chess Events.

There are a number of opportunities coming up including World and European Team events for over 50s and over 65s. These have proved very popular over the last few years.

If you’d like to be kept informed about these events, please contact Mark Adams via and I […]

Wales has a World Chess Champion!

As part of the IFC Intellectual Chessboxing Club event held in Paris on 1st October 2022, Carl Strugnell defeated the WCBO World Champion Jules Alois Julien in a Light Heavyweight Under 85 Kg title fight.

Therefore, Carl Strugnell is now the WCBO Light Heavyweight World Chessboxing Champion.

Congratulations Carl!

Carl’s bout is here.

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Open Olympiad 2022 Report

Wales Open team Olympiad Report, Chennai 27 July-10 August

Adam Hunt

The team for this event was 1. Grzegorz Toczek (2287) 2. Jonathan Blackburn (2176) 3.Tim Kett (2197) 4. Alex Bullen (2106) 5. Allan Pleasants (2024). We all travelled independently to India and the majority arrived on Wednesday 27th, the day before the opening ceremony. […]

Women’s 2022 Olympiad Report by Mike Healey

Wales sent a last-minute fairly youthful and inexperienced team to Chennai. A target of 50% seemed reasonable given our seeding, but once it dawned that many teams were either ungraded or vastly undergraded, with FIDE-supplied GM coaches and pre-tournament training camps, as well as several teams very possibly doing strange things with their board orders, […]

Follow Wales at the 2022 Olympiad

Follow the Open games live here

Follow the Women’s games live here

Follow Open Round by Round scores on Chess Results here

Follow Women’s Round by Round scores on Chess Results here

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Last minute place in 2022 British Championships

The WCU is entitled to nominate one player for this event which is a 9-round Swiss to standard FIDE time limits taking place from Saturday 13 August to Sunday 21 August in Torquay. 

Any player interested in the nomination should contact Peter Bevan  by the end of Saturday 30 July. 

Pre-Olympiad memories by Stuart Hutchings

50 years ago, pre-Olympiad beginnings – Stuart Hutchings writes ……

 With the 2022 Olympiad in Chennai, India imminent, my mind drifted back some 50 years. When 1972 is mentioned, chess fans immediately think of the Fischer – Spassky World Championship match. For Wales, 1972 was also the first time ever the country played in an […]

Peter Wells wins 2022 South Wales International

The results were as follows:

1st Peter Wells 8/9

2nd Keith Arkell 7/9

=3rd Jose Camacho Collados, John Richardson, Jack Rudd, Hugh Murphy and Andrei Maksimenko 6/9

48 competed.

World Seniors 50+ Results Italy 2022

Wales fielded two teams in this event – Wales Silures and Wales Cymru.

The Wales Silures team consisted of Sven Zeidler, Charles Morris, John Fletcher, Mark Adams and Anthony Hughes.   The Wales Cymru team consisted of Charles Higgie, Gary Thomas, Lynda Smith and Gary Slegg.   The Wales Silures team finished on 16.5 points […]

Welsh teams compete in World 50+ Italy

Wales has 2 teams in the 50+ years World Team Championships. (We could not also raise a team for the 65+ years team.) These are being held in Italy at Aqui Terme 19-30 June.   Official Website: Live games on the higher boards: Progress and Daily Results:  

Note: The downloadable PGN of all […]