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The 1st WELSH ONLINE CtHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS Entry Form can be downloaded from here 

May 28th-1st June



Players taking part in the Championship must be Welsh Qualified a member of the WCU and also rated 1900 or above (WCU/National OTB-May 1st 2021).
(Juniors Under 18 on 1/1/21 rated 1800 or above (WCU/National OTB-May 1st 2021).

Players taking part in Open must be a member of WCU or their own National Body and also rated 2000 or below (WCU/National OTB-May 1st 2021).
Players taking part in the Minor must be a member of WCU or their own National Body and also rated 1600 or below (WCU/National OTB-May 1st 2021).
Trophies will be awarded in each section to the player finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

The Henry Golding Trophy, Tom Weston Trophy and John Bishop Trophy will not be awarded for this event.

1 Friday 28th May 19.00
2 Saturday 29th May  13.00
3 Saturday 29th May 19.00
4 Sunday 30th May 19.00
5 Monday 31st May 13.00
6 Monday 31st May 19.00
7 Tuesday 1st June 19.00

WELSH UNDER 18, 15, 12 Championships

12th and 13th June

Players must be Welsh Qualified and also member of WCU:

Under 18: Born 2003 or later: Under 15: Born 2006 or later: Under 12: Born 2009 or later

WELSH UNDER 16, 13, 11, 9 Championships

26th and 27th June

Players must be Welsh Qualified and also a member of WCU

Under 16: Born 2005 or later; Under 13: Born 2008 or later;

Under 11: Born 2010 or later; Under 9: born 2012 or later



COVID Precautions Version 1 – May 2021

This document will be updated following further review and input. Organisers should consult the version current on the website at the time of organising an event.

As we continue along the Welsh Government’s relaxation of restrictions, chess players are looking forward to over-the-board play once again, and organisers for clubs, leagues and events will be considering when to open up, what type of events to run, and what precautions to take. Continue reading COVID Precautions Version 1 – May 2021



Kevin Staveley B.E.M.

It is with great pleasure that the WCU can announce that Kevin has been awarded the BEM in this year’s Birthday Honours list, for services to chess. I am sure you will join me in congratulating Kevin, on this well deserved award. 

ECU E-Magazine September 2020

This can be viewed here.

Amabel Moseley bio

The bio of  Amabel Moseley (a previously unknown Welsh-born British Champion) can now found on the History page.

The Check Weekly 25/9/20

This can be viewed here.

Barry Chess Club

A history of Barry Chess Club edited by Martyn Griffiths is now available on the Club Histories page.

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WCU Membership Fees

Due to Covid-19 the WCU Management Board has decided that no membership fees (Direct or otherwise) for current members will be collected before 1st January 2021 at the earliest. A further decision on this will be made and announced later in 2020.

Any player who is NOT a current member and wishes to take part in online competitions can join the Welsh Chess Union. Please contact Kevin Staveley ( for details.

Coronavirus and Over the Board chess

The Management Board has for some time been considering how and when over the board activities may resume. We are consulting with and taking advice from the Welsh Sports Association, of which the WCU is a member. They in turn are continually in touch with the Welsh Government and their advice / legal requirements concerning the resumption of sports activity. For this purpose, chess falls within this heading. Continue reading Coronavirus and Over the Board chess