Latest Games now added!

Games have now been added to the Games page for the SW New Year Major, WCPL Round 3 and U1850 Round 1.

Welsh Girls Championships and Boys Starters Results (25/1/20)

U8 Champions: Louise Davies, Amelie Caesar 3rd= Yuxin Wu, Lola Mealing

U9 Champions: Lydia Thomas, Esther Williams

U10 Champion: Emma Kong, 2nd Vivien Townsend, 3rd= Gwennan Evans, Keeley Fowler

U11 Champion: Swar Gamare, 2nd Mia Jones, 3rd Isra Hussain

U12 Champion: Khushi Bagga, 2nd= Ava Choung, Ashika Shahameeran

U14 Champions: Kirby Paul, Alice Todd

A Boys Starters event was held alongside this

1st= Antonio Rosco, Ethan Shah-Clark, Harris Kumar

New Rating system now live!

The new rating system is now live with a dedicated webpage for all zones.

This can be found here:

First Rank Edition 32

This can be viewed here.

ECU E-Magazine December 2019

This can be viewed here.

First Welsh Correspondence International Open Chess Championship

Attention all WCU members!

The WCCF has now created this major event and request that any interested WCU members who wish to try correspondence chess should consider entering.

Anyone wishing to compete in this event will find information here.

New Rating Software

Due to technical problems I have decided that we will be moving over to Matthew Lunnon’s new rating software with immediate effect. Completing this process will take just a week or two. This obviously involves a short delay in publishing the 2020 rating changes following Hastings, Bridgend and several league matches. My apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.

Can I also remind everyone that we are still looking for rating officers for the Gwent and North Wales zones. Jon Maybery has recently retired from the North Wales post after several years of diligent work on behalf of his fellow players – we badly need someone to replace him.

Finally I would like to express my sincere thanks to Robert Taylor for his sterling work in creating (and maintaining) rating software that has served us incredibly well, under his guidance, for 12 years.

Paul Orton

National Rating Officer

Geof Tyrrell Best Game Prize 2019: Approaching Deadline

The deadline for entries for the 2019 award for games played in the calendar year 2019 is 31 January 2020; so there is still time to nominate a game (which need not have been played by the person making the nomination).  The detailed rules can be found here but briefly to qualify for consideration a 2019 game must be a win or a draw by a player qualified to represent Wales in a FIDE competition against a non-Welsh opponent graded over 2250 and FIDE-rated at least 150 points above the entrant at the time the game was played.

Entries should be sent to Howard Williams ( Continue reading Geof Tyrrell Best Game Prize 2019: Approaching Deadline

2020 New Year Congress Results (3rd-5th January)


1st=                 Simon Gay, Daniel Kozusek, Grzgorz Toczek 4/5   Prize = £125 each

Rating Prize       Venetia Sivarajasingam  3.5/5   Prize = £25


1st                     David Teague  4.5/5   Prize = £175

2nd                    Gwyn Havard  4/5      Prize = £80

3rd=                 Andrew Borkowski, Russell Doddington, Chris Peters  3.5./5  Prize = £13,34 eah

Rating Prize        Milo Davies   Peize = £25


1st=                  Rhys Davies, Rob Tipping   Prize = £50 each 

The games from the Open event are now on the Games page.

Please also note the Welsh Winter Blitz takes place in Chepstow Leisure Centre, Welsh Street, Chepstow, NP165LR on Sunday 12th January

2020 New Year Congress Starting Line Ups

These can be downloaded from here.

From 3/1/20 onwards, all updates will be on Chess Results