1st WCU Online League Update 3/9/20


OPEN:                              All play all

UNDER 1800:                   6 round Swiss

Rule Change

Please note we have amended rule 5 to give some flexibility to the fixtures (changes in italics):

  1. Fixtures
    (i) A league schedule will be issued by the controller before 7th September. This will be published on the WCU site.
    (ii) Matches will be scheduled to start on Tuesday 15th September.
    (iii) All matches will be played fortnightly on Tuesday evenings beginning at 7pm (but see 5.vii below).
    (iv) The first named team shall play white on board 1, with alternating colours on all boards below.
    (v) All match fixtures must be fulfilled.
    (vi) Board pairings will be published 1 hour before the start of each round.

          (vii) Matches can be played on an alternative night or time, providing

              a) it is in the same week as the original fixture

              b) the controller agrees

              c) the opposing team’s captain agrees

              d) the request for a new date is made, and agreed by all parties, no later than 1 week before     
original fixture.

We are using Tuesday evenings to fit in with 4NCL matches which are also fortnightly on Tuesdays, and thus we will be using the alternate Tuesday evenings



UNDER 1800

Tuesday 15th September Round 1

Round 1

Tuesday 29th September Round 2

Round 2

Tuesday 13th October Round 3

Round 3

Tuesday 27th October Round 4


Tuesday 10th November Round 5

Round 4

Tuesday 24th November Round 6

Round 5

Tuesday 8th December Round 7 Round 6


There will be a captain’s guide on the web site which lists captain’s responsibilities. (https://www.welshchessunion.uk/OnlineEvents/League/captain-s-page.html).

Each player listed on the website will have a link to their lichess account. While we have tested each link when building the site, it is the captain’s responsibility to make sure the id is correct. If you find an error, please notify the organisers immediately. If a bad link is found after the round has started, then the game will be forfeited.

There will be a player’s guide to show how to start the games (it’s the same method used by 4NCL).

Each captain will be given a unique link, by email, to their own team list entry form and match card for results input.

Results will be published on this website by the Thursday following each round.


For the Open (all play all) the pairings for the whole competition will be published on the website.

As the U1800 is a swiss event, the pairings will be published at least 10 days before the date of the round.


Board order is conditional based on the 80-point rule. Don’t forget that player’s must be a registered WCU member.


There will be a best game prize awarded in each section. Further details will be published on the website shortly.

In each section there will be individual trophies awarded to the champions and team finishing 2nd. A Cup (to be kept until the next event) will also be presented to the winning teams.