World Cadets Championship, Spain, Nov 3-16

Belated news from the World Cadets Tournament held in Santiago in Spain during November.

Hiya Ray was the only Welsh player to take part, playing in the Girls U12 Championship.  She was given financial support with a bursary from the WCU.  These bursaries are to support players whose rating suggests they have a good chance of scoring 50% or more in individual World Championship events.  

Hiya should be congratulated on her performance in this event where she scored 6/11, her opposition including 4 WCMs and a WFM, against who she scored 2 wins.  Her FIDE rating has gone up by 91 points as a result of the event.  Hiya is the first Welsh junior to have been supported with such a bursary, and it is very encouraging that she achieved the target score the junior committee would have wished.  The hope is that other players will reach high enough ratings to justify support in future, and by entering with such financial support, will bring Wales further success from these events.