2016 Games

Games played during 2016 are now available.  

1.  Games played by Cardigan and Abergavenny in the European Club Cup are available:-

(a)  all games unannotated

(b)  Cardigan games annotated

2. Games from the SW Summer tournament can be found here.

3. WCPL games from 2016-7 season are available:-

(a)   all games unannotated

(b)   some games annotated

4.  Games from WCPL 2015-6 season are available

(a)  all games unannotated

(b)  some games annotated

5.  Games from the Welsh Seniors’ Championship can be found here.

6.  Games from the SW Autumn Open can be downloaded here.

7.  Games from the 2nd ZPR Seniors’ All-play-all are here.

8.  Welsh Players games from the European Seniors’ team tournament are available here.

9.  Games from the 2016 Welsh Championship can be downloaded here.

10.  Games from the Tom Weston Open Major can be found here.

11.  Games from the North Wales FIDE rated open can be downloaded here.

12.  Games from the West Wales Open in November 2016 are downloaded here.