2020 New Year Congress Results (3rd-5th January)


1st=                 Simon Gay, Daniel Kozusek, Grzgorz Toczek 4/5   Prize = £125 each

Rating Prize       Venetia Sivarajasingam  3.5/5   Prize = £25


1st                     David Teague  4.5/5   Prize = £175

2nd                    Gwyn Havard  4/5      Prize = £80

3rd=                 Andrew Borkowski, Russell Doddington, Chris Peters  3.5./5  Prize = £13,34 eah

Rating Prize        Milo Davies   Peize = £25


1st=                  Rhys Davies, Rob Tipping   Prize = £50 each 

The games from the Open event are now on the Games page.

Please also note the Welsh Winter Blitz takes place in Chepstow Leisure Centre, Welsh Street, Chepstow, NP165LR on Sunday 12th January