2nd WCU Online League

The 2nd Online league will start on Tues March 16th. We will decide on the exact format after the number of entries is known. There will, however, be an Open and U1800 section. To this end, please can you ensure that you register your team by Feb 28th at the latest, but the earlier the better.

You have to register at least 4 players per team anytime up until Sun Mar 7th. Further additions to the team can be made up until Mar 14th.
There are two forms you will need to fill in. One for the Team and captain’s details and the other for the player registration. You will need the players WCU rating and lichess id to complete the form. There’s a minimum of 4 players per team up to a maximum of 8.
There’s a link to the player’s registration form from the Team Registration form.