WCU Ratings – action needed?

In view of FIDE’s recent large rating increase given to many of their players (and a rumoured significant increase also planned by the ECF) some of us might want to see the WCU raise our own ratings by similar margins. Would this be a prudent thing for us to do?

More modest changes could also be in our interest. One such proposal is to increase the start rating of new players (currently 850) and to make this the minimum rating for all players at the beginning of each 6 month period. This would add points to higher rated opponents playing those with the new rating and those small increases would then permeate upwards to also benefit stronger players.

We would like to hear the views of all players on this (or make other suggestions) and on the wider implications for us of possible FIDE and ECF changes. We can then decide what action to take, if any, on July 1st this year.

Please forward any comments to me at ratingofficer@welshchessunion.uk

Paul Orton

WCU Rating Officer