West Wales Lightning Tournament 3rd September

The annual lightning tournament that traditionally marks the beginning of the new season in West Wales took place at the Morriston Rugby Club, The new home of Morriston Chess Club on Monday 3rd September.

Eighteen players took part. Thirteen from the Morriston Club.

Peter Bevan’s draw with Bill Hewitt in the last round was enough win the tournament out right with 4.5/5 after Bill had earlier drawn with Mike Burrows.

Peter Bevan 4.5/5

W Hewitt and M McCarthy 4/5

M Burrows 3.5/5

A Smith, A Young, B Mora, S Denton and D Chung 3/5

(Daniel and Sean both share the under 1500 trophy

I Jones, J Spooner, P Bevan, E Collins, J Chung and J Ward 2/5

A Goodchild and D Conway 1/5

Janet Evans 0/5

Photo by Russell Sherwood