1st Welsh Masters 2019

This event will be held at the Heronston Hotel, Bridgend between 26th August and 30th August.

Round Times:

Monday 26th August 

Round 1 11.00 am    Round 2 4.15 pm

Tuesday 27th August

Round 3 11.00 am    Round 4 4.15 pm

Wednesday 28th August

Round 5 11.00 am    Round 6 4.15 pm

Thursday 29th August

Round 7 11.00 am    Round 8 4.15 pm

Friday 30th August

Round 9 11.00 am


GM Matthew Turner
GM  Keith Arkell
IM   Adam C Taylor
IM   Jack Rudd
FM   Grzegorz Toczek
FM   Mike Waddinton
FM   Jonah Willow
FM   Peter Varley
Tim Kett
Dai James
Live games will be viewable here:
The event is also being displayed on Follow Chess here.
The games are now available on the Games page.