2018 Olympiad (Batumi, Georgia, 23/9/2018 – 7/10/2018)

Appointment of Non-Playing Captains/Coaches for the Welsh Teams In the Open And Women’s Sections

Expressions of interest, together with details of previous experience and/or other qualifications, are invited for one or other of the two posts – by 28 February to Howard Williams, Chair WCU Selection Committee, Chairmanselectors@welshchessunion.org.uk.  The Committee will meet in the first half of April to take the matter forward.


The event is an eleven-round Swiss held at a rate of one round per day over four boards (though, like other teams, we shall be sending squads of five plus a non-playing captain). Unlike the European Team Championships there will be plenty of teams weaker than Wales taking part and we do not expect to be outclassed in many matches.

Captains’ Duties

  1. Helping as required with players’ opening etc preparation immediately before the event.
  2. Input (via the Chairman of Selectors) on team board order (which is finalised for all teams on arrival in Batumi).
  3. Dealing with team administration, including the duties and responsibilites set out in 6.3.9 of the FIDE Olympiad Regulations.
    The selection of the team for each round is an important element here.
  4. Helping as required with preparation for each game and going over the games after their conclusion with the players.
  5. Supplying a  report on his/her team’s performance to the Chairman of Selectors (by the end of October 2018).

Captain’s Objectives

To ensure –

  1. that the team does as well as possible in relation to its seeding;
  2. that individual players do as well as possible in relation to their expected score (based on ratings);
  3. that they learn as much as possible from the experience.

Captains’ expenses and remuneration

It is expected that the organisers will be supplying full board gratis for each team and its captain in 2 single and 2 double rooms. The WCU team captains will each be entitled to one of these single rooms.  Captains with suitable chess qualifications will also have their travelling expenses to Batumi met and be offered a fee.  Applicants should give some indication of the level of fee they would expect.