Ukraine Statement

The Welsh Chess Union (WCU) was recently asked by FIDE to give an opinion regarding our view on international chess relationships with Russia. Belarus has now been included in this discussion. On February 27, 2022, an extraordinary meeting of the FIDE Council was held regarding the current situation and what urgent measures should be taken after the military action launched by Russia in Ukraine.
We fully support the FIDE Council’s decisions that the 44th Olympiad and other events that were to be held in Russia, including the FIDE Congress and also events in Belarus, will now not take place there. 
We note and support the International Correspondence Chess Federation’s (ICCF) stance that allows all Ukrainian players to pause their games for the time being, without penalty. However, we urge the ICCF to consider a total ban on all Russian and Belarusian players forthwith. This follows the lead taken by FIFA, the World and European Draughts Federations, amongst others.
Mark Adams
WCU Executive Director