World Seniors 50+ Results Italy 2022

Wales fielded two teams in this event – Wales Silures and Wales Cymru.

The Wales Silures team consisted of Sven Zeidler, Charles Morris, John Fletcher, Mark Adams and Anthony Hughes.
The Wales Cymru team consisted of Charles Higgie, Gary Thomas, Lynda Smith and Gary Slegg.
The Wales Silures team finished on 16.5 points in 12th place (they were seeded 16th).
Individual results were Sven Zeidler 3/8, Charles Morris 5/8, John Fletcher 1/4, Mark Adams 3/8 and Anthony Hughes 4/8.
The Wales Cymru team finished on 11.5 points in 22nd place (they were seeded 23rd).
Individually, Charles Higgie 3/8, Gary Thomas 0/8, Lynda Smith 4/8 and Gary Slegg 2.5/8.
Both teams exceeded their expectations and are to be congratulat4ed for their performances.