World Seniors Team Championship (+50 & +65) Results


Two teams are taking part. Wales Silures are in the Over 50’s event and Wales Deubarth are in the Over 65’s event.

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Round 1
Argentina 3.5 Wales Silures 0.5
A tough start for the Over 50’s team withonly Sven Zeidler managing a draw against an IM although Mark Adams shou9ld have drawn at least but when wrong in an endgame.
Wales Deubarth 1 Sweden 1 3
A tough start fo the Over 65’s team also with only Peter Bevan winning on board four.

Round 2
Wales Silures 2.5 Latvia Women 1.5
Silures secured the win following a difficult endgame win by Mark Adams.
Ireland 0.5 Wales Deubarth 3.5
A convincing win for Deubarth with only Bill Harle failing to win.

Round 3
England 2 Wales Silures 1
Losses for both Sven Zeidler and Anthony Hughes resluts in defeat despite creditable draws by John Fletcher and Lynda Smith.
Emgland 2 2.5 Wales Deubarth 1.5
Draws for Iolo Jones, John Thornton and Bill Harle were not enough to save the game as Peter Bevan lost on board three.

Round 4
Wales Silures 1.5 Uruguay 2.5
A narrow defeat for the welsh team due to losses on the bottom two boards.
Wales Deubarth 2 Belgium 2
A very good result for the welsh team who were outgraded on all boards due to wins by John Waterfield and Bill Harle.

Round 5
England 3 2 Wales Silures 2
A dissapointing result for Silures who outgraded England on most boards.
Switzerland 2.5 Wales Deubarth 1.5
A narrow defeat for Wales despite being outgraded on all boards and Iolo Jones having a rest day on board 1.

Round 6
VSG 1880 Offenbach 2.5 Wales Silures 1.5
Yet another narrow defeat for Silures  with three draws an d John Fletcher losing.
Wales 2 Sweden 4 2
A dissapointing result for Deubarth with Bill Harle losing on board four, Iolo Jones winning on board one and John Thornton and Peter Bevan only managing draws.

Round 7 
Wales Silures 3 Sweden 2 1
A comfortable win for Silures with both John Fletcher and Sven Zeidler winning with the other two games drawn.
Wales Deubarth 2.5 Scotland 2 1.5
A narrow victory for Deubarth with Peter Bevan winning and Iolo, John Waterfield and John Thornton drawing.

Round 8
Oslo Schakselskap 2 Wales Silutres 2
A creditable draw for Silures with draws on all four boards.
Sweden 3 2 Wales Deubarth 2
A good draw for Deubarth with a marathon endame win for Iolo Jones making up for Bill Harle’s loss. The other two boards were drawn.

Round 9
Wales Silures 3 Finlamd Sisu 1
A good win for Silures with wins for both John Fletcher and Anthony Hughes.
Wales 1 England 3 3
A bad defeat for Deubarth with both Iolo Jones and John Waterfield losing. 

Oveerall Performnces
Wales Silures finished in an excellent 17th place when their expectancy was 21st.
Wales Deubarth finished in a dissapointing 20th place when their expectancy was 19th.

Individual Performances
Wales Silures 
Sven Zeidler 4.5/7, John Fletcher 4/8, Mark Adams 3.5/7, Anthony Hughes 2.5/7, Lynda Smith 2.5/7.
Wales Deubarth
Iolo Jones 4/8, John Thornton 3.5/8, John Waterfield 3.5/7, Peter Bevan 3.5/7, Bill Harle 2.5/6.