Welsh Girls Championship Results

The 2019 Welsh Girls’ Championships were held at Ysgol Gymraeg Caerffili on 26th January.

The lower age groups were paired as one large group with the following prizewinners:

U8: 1st Nona Roberts,

2nd Lydia Thomas 

3rd Amelie Caesar

U9: 1st Vivien Townsend  

2nd  Gwennan Evans

U10: 1st Isabella Caesar 

2nd  Sophie Clark 

3rd Mia Jones

Isabella had the remarkable achievement of becoming Welsh Champion in two different disciplines on the same day, as she became a Welsh swimming champion in the morning and by claiming byes in the chess, and then winning the 3 games she managed to arrive for in the afternoon, she scored enough to win the U10 chess title.

The other two groups were Swiss events

U11: 1st= Tabitha Ryan, Ashika Shahameeran  

3rd Ava Choung

U12: 1st= Alice Potter, Gabriella Watkins 

3rd Kirby Paul

U14 Champion  Hiya Ray  (only entrant)

A boys’ Starters’ event was held at the same time with the prizewinners:

1st Andras Potts  

2nd Kelley Maunder 

3rd Benjy Hill