Annual General Meeting 6th September 2020

Set out below and available for download are:

  • Agenda for the meeting
  • Minutes of the previous AGM (February 2019)
  • Schedule of officers standing for re-election.

Procedures for the online meeting will inevitably be different, but we will endeavour to keep them as structured and as formal as possible. However, it is inevitable there will be some changes:

  1. Those members wishing to attend the online meeting (via Zoom) are asked to email a request to the Executive Director asap.
  2. All voting will be done online, using Zoom facilities.
  3. You will see from the schedule of officers that there are a number of resignations…. And we do not have new candidates in all cases. We invite those interested in helping to run the WCU in these challenging days to get in touch with the Executive or Deputy Executive Director as soon as possible. We need new blood (but please do not take that literally!).
  4. If you are attending the AGM, please ensure you have read the 2019 minutes (below) and any further papers and reports we will issue in advance of the meeting. That will assist us to run the online event more smoothly.

Paul Scott

Deputy Executive Director


Minutes of 2019 AGM

Election of Officers