South Wales U14s come third in NYCA

In the NYCA tournament held in Telford on Sunday 24 September, the under 14s came third with 18.5 game points out of a possible 36.  The under 18s came joint third with Warwickshire, scoring 6 game points out of a possible 24.

Only four teams were there: Sussex, who won both sections by a considerable margin; Warwickshire; and North Wales & Cheshire.

The U14 team were: David McIntosh, Hiya Ray, Susanna Fraser, Madeleine Smith, Caspian Fowler, Duncan MacDonald, Merlin Davies, Neil Stevenson, Nayanna Kalavala, Ellison Smith, Harrison Postans and Muheddin Hamadah

The U18 team were: Hugo Fowler, Rachel McIntosh, Daniel Jaberansari, George Smith, Nerin Leggett, Callum Smith, Mohammad Farhadi and Morgan Rees

Neil Stevenson and Hugo Fowler won the medals for the best-performing players in the South Wales Under 14s and Under 18s, respectively. And in the North Wales & Cheshire under 14s, Welsh player Robert Goodwin won the medal for the best-performing player in that side.