2022 European Individual Championships Slovenia 26/3/22-7/4/22



This announcement invites all WCU members, registered as Welsh with FIDE, to let us know by 8 February whether they may be interested in taking part in this event by e-mailing Peter Bevan (internationaldirector@welshchessunion.uk).

Details of Event

This event will take place in Brezice, Terme Catez, Slovenia from 26 March 2022 (date of arrival) to 7 April (date of
departure). More detailed information is available here.

Briefly, the WCU has not been represented at this event since 2013 but this is an exciting opportunity to play in a high-level event like this so it is an event the WCU should encourage it’s members to participate in wherever possible. Details of accommodation costs and the transportation / registration charge are given in the website announcement. Sadly the WCU is only able to contribute to pay for one player’s entry fee which is 100 Euros. Should more than one member accept the invitation then the WCU contribution would remain at 100 Euros but be split amongst the welsh participants. 


As of 30 January 2022, Slovenia is on the Green List so there is no requirement to quarantine. Obviously, the situation may change before the event takes place. Entry requirements for Slovenia can be found here.

Please take this into consideration before booking anything as the WCU can not be liable for any refund as this will be a personal decision by the individual to travel.