Wales 2022 Olympiad teams announced

The 2022 Olympiad will take place at Chennai, India between 27th July and 10th Augyst,

The Welsh teams have just been announced.

The Open team is as follows:

Board 1 Grzegorz Toczek

Board 2 Jonathan Blackburn

Board 3 Tim Kett

Board 4 Alex Bullen

Board 5 Allan Pleasants

Captain Adam Hunt (England)

The Womens team is as follows:

Board 1 Olivia Smith

Board 2 Kimberly Chong

Board 3 Hiya Ray

Board 4 Khushi Bagga

Board 5 Sarah Kett

Captain Michael Healey (England)

Chief of Delegation Sarah Kett

FIDE Delegate Bill Harle

We wish them well!