15th Online Scottish Chess Tour Weekend 2nd-5th July

Scottish Chess are organising this event and they are inviting entries from WCU members.

This event covers Blitz, Open, Major (U1800), Minor (U1300) and Allegro for all, U15, and U11,

Anyone wishing to compete, please see this link.


2021 European Individual Championship, Reykjavik, Iceland


DEADLINE: 30 June 2021

This announcement invites WCU members, registered as Welsh with FIDE, to let us know by 30 June whether they may be interested in taking part in this event by e-mailing Peter Bevan (internationaldirector@welshchessunion.uk).

Details of Event

This event will take place in Reykjavik, Iceland […]

ECU E-Magazine May 2021

This can be viewed here.

Sam Jukes wins 1st Welsh Online Major and Khushi Bagga wins 1st Welsh Minor Championship

Major results:

Sam Jules came 1st with 6/7.

Elliott McNeil came 3nd with 5.5/7.

Yuxuan Wu came 3rd with 4.5/7.

Full results here:

Minor results:

1at Khushi Bagga 6/7.

2nd Anshul Swamy 5.5/7.

=3rd David Norris and Emma Kong 4.7.

Full results here:

Jonathan Blackburn wins the 1st Welsh Online Chess Championship

Jonathan Blackburn won the 1st Welsh Online Chess Championship with a score of 5.5/7.

Tim Kett was second with 5/7.

Grzegorz Toczek was 3rd with 4.5/7.

The full final table can be found here.