2022 West Wales Congress Report

This year’s Congress was the first since 2019 with the COVID blight having prevented it taking place since then. The event was well attended and everyone seemed pleased to be taking part in an over the board weekend chess again. The 63 entries exceeded the target number the Congress was costed at meaning the congress […]

North Wales Training Day 19th November 2022

FM Jonathan Blackburn will be hosting a Training Day in Llangollen on 19th November.

All adults and Juniors are welcome. Details here.



Wales has a World Chess Champion!

As part of the IFC Intellectual Chessboxing Club event held in Paris on 1st October 2022, Carl Strugnell defeated the WCBO World Champion Jules Alois Julien in a Light Heavyweight Under 85 Kg title fight.

Therefore, Carl Strugnell is now the WCBO Light Heavyweight World Chessboxing Champion.

Congratulations Carl!

Carl’s bout is here.

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