Calling all Schools and Clubs!

Claim 5 free plastic sets and boards for a link to


Swansea University Invitational Tournament: The Inaugural Annual

This is a Rapidplay event to be held over the weeken of 22nd-23rd April at Swansea University

Any members interested in competing in Ireland this spring and summer?

The WCU has received an email from the Irish Chess Union inviting WCU members who wish to compete in upcoming events in Ireland. […]

Are any members interested in chess in the heart of Europe?

An initation has been received to compete in the following festivals:

– 30. 7. 2017 CZECH OPEN – Pardubice – 11. 8. 2017 SUMMER PRAGUE OPEN – 19. 8. 2017 OLOMOUC CHESS SUMMER […]

Sport Summer 2017 in Paracin

For anyone interested in an affordable holiday in sunny Serbia with top level chess.

Carl Strugnell is creating a new junior coaching initiative!

The WCU has backed the initiative of Carl Strugnell, a member of the Olympiad squad in Baku last September and recently appointed for now as their development director.

He intends creating a company to structure Welsh chess’ development by means of a professional organisation, in order to further the WCU in its mission, by contributing […]