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Attention all Club Secretaries in Dyfed, East Glam, Gwent and North Wales!

Following a suggestion by our new Publicity Officer Paul Hatchett, the website now has a page allowing the user to search for a local club based on their postcode.
In order for this to be a success, would all club secretaries outside West Wales (I have those) please notify me of the details of their venue, the club nights, start time, Club Secretary, Conatct details i.e. tel numbers and emails).

Please email details to:
Peter Bevan


Information for Chess Players in North Wales

Between 19th and 23rd August, the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF) Conference will be held in Llandudno.

Therefore, the Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation (WCCF) would like to use this opportunity to engage with chess players in North Wales regarding over-the-board events to be held during the conference and information can be found here.

South Wales mega-final 2018

St Teilo’s Church in Wales High School hosted the 2018 South Wales mega-final, played on Saturday 21 April. Qualification for the giga-finals has been revised, with 3.5 points or more now good enough for progression to the giga-final.

The results were as follows:

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Dragons win again in Telford

The Welsh Dragons have won the second division twice in the trot. At the second week-end of the junior 4NCL 2017/2018 season, held in Telford, one of the two Welsh Dragons teams playing in the second division won that section, netting nine match points out of a possible ten. The winning team, Welsh Dragons Blue: Duncan MacDonald, Merlin Davies, Neirin Leggett, Sam Goodfellow, Bence, Szakmany and Jonathan Davies.

Welsh Dragons Red came sixth out of the 14 teams with two wins, a draw and two losses, one of which was against their Welsh rivals.

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Chepstow just miss out on a medal at the ECF Junior Team Chess Challenge

At the ECF Junior Team Challenge finals, held on Monday 16 April at Hertford College, Oxford, Chepstow School came equal fourth, just half a point behind third-placed Heathside. The team of Madeleine Smith, Neil Stevenson, Harrison Postans and Steffan Griffiths netted 8 game points in their four matches, all played with a time control of 10 minutes plus 5 seconds per move.

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Chess Players / Teachers / Parents

Momentum is growing in Junior Chess and more adults are needed to help out.  The charity “Chess in Schools and Communities” (CSC) are running a course to encourage people to get involved on either a paid or voluntary basis.  The course will cover:

· Techniques for teaching chess—practical exercises

· Resources available from CSC including a syllabus

· Classroom Management Skills

· Benefits of chess

· Chess variants

You do not need to be a chess player—just interested in chess !

The course is being held on Thursday 26 April from 9.30 to 4 at The Park Inn City Centre Cardiff, Mary Ann Street, CF10 2JH.

For further information and to book a place go

Sarah Kett      (029) 2061 3870


ECU Newsletter March 2018

The March 2018 ECU newsletter can now be downloaded from here.

Three tie at Welsh Championships

At the 2017/18 Welsh Championship held in Cardiff over Easter weekend, there was a three way tie for 1st place between Gerry Heap, David Jameson and Sven Zeidler.

The Ladies,  Under 21 and Under 18 Championship was won by Venetia Sivarjasingam.

There was also a tie for 1st place in the Tom Weston Major between Nicholas Evans and Dominic Gibbs.

The Minor was won by Alun Smith. Continue reading Three tie at Welsh Championships

Welsh Championship weekend games now available

The games from the 2018 Welsh Championship, Tom Weston Open Major and John Bishop Minor are now available for download from the Games page.