Mike Colwill RIP

Sad news has reached us that Mike Colwill (Rhondda Chess Club) passed away on 31st December.

The Management Board wish to extend their sincere condolences to Mike’s family and friends at this very sad time.

Mike’s Funeral is due to take place on Tuesday 22 January
Venue: Carmel Chapel  Treherbert at 10.15 am. Interment at Treorchy cemetary followed by refreshments at Treherbert Rugby Club. Tynewydd    

Directions for the Chapel:
As you drive through the lights in Treorchy, continue up the valley for about 1.5 miles. On the LEFT you will see a sign for TREHERBERT  and   Penyrelyn Primary school followed by open ground.

Immediately following, the Chapel is on the RIGHT. If you see the the pub “The New Inn” on the left, you have just passed the Chapel.”

World Seniors Rhodes, 15-25 April 2019

The two teams selected for this event are as follows:

Wales Silures (Over 50s)
Sven Zeidler
Mark Adams (Captain)
Anthony Hughes
John Fletcher
Lynda Smith

Wales Deheubarth (Over 65s)
Iolo Jones (Captain)
John Thornton
John Waterfield
Peter Bevan
Bill Harle

We wish them all he best!

Bill Flew Memorial Tournament (Correspondence Chess)

Details of this event can be downloaded here.

Junior Rapidplay Ratings Website

Parents, organisers and players who use the Junior Rapidplay Ratings Site will find a few small changes to this site.  In fact although the site has the same ‘feel’ to it, everything has been rewritten, with the ratings program and website being completely revamped with various improvements. 

The birth years are now all visible, where some of our younger players were out of range of the old version, and within any year group or school year group it is now possible with a single click on the heading at the top of a column to arrange players in order, which selectors and teachers should find useful for selecting and ordering teams.  It should also shortly be possible to access the archive section, though this will probably only contain details of results from Sept 2018 onwards.

There are a few teething problems we are still working to iron out, but the new version is now in use with the same address:   www.wcurapidplayratings.co.uk so there should be no reason to change the way you access the site.

The person responsible for this re-vamp is Matthew Lunnon of Pentyrch chess club, and we should all be most grateful for the work he has put in to update and improve the previous version of the site, which was slowly becoming inappropriate.  Also for the help Matthew has given in getting the new site up and running, with only minimal changes to the way the data is input, making for an easy changeover.

South Wales New Year Congress Results

=1st Gregorz Toczek, David Sands and Conor Gay 4pts

=1st Duncan Macarthur and Dai James 4.5 pts
=3rd Stephen Williams, Tom Bennett, Scott Hammett, Les Philpin,
David Parsons, Andrew Smith and Mark Cooke 3pts

The games from the Open are now available on the Games page.

Gwynne Rhys-Jones RIP

Sad news has reached us that Gwynne Rhys-Jones of Upper Killay Chess Club passed away on 23rd December.

Gwynne was a founder member of a committee formed to produce the British Isles Chess Championship in Swansea in the 1980’s.

The Management Board wish to extend their sincere condolences to Gwynne’s family and friends at this very sad time.

The funeral will take place on Wednesday 9th January at Morriston Crenatorium at 11 am.

Geof Tyrrell Best Game Prize 2018: Approaching Deadline

The deadline for entries for the 2018 award is 31 January 2019; so there is still time to nominate a game (which need not have been played by the person making the nomination).  The detailed rules can be found here but briefly to qualify for consideration a 2018 game must be a win or a draw by a player qualified to represent Wales in a FIDE competition against a non-Welsh opponent graded over 2250 and FIDE-rated at least 150 points above the entrant at the time the game was played.

Entries should be sent to Howard Williams (howard.swnynant@btinternet.com).

The games so far identified by the judges as meeting the above criteria are in chronological order:

(1) Strugnell, C (2305) – Federovsky. M (2487), Augsburg, 03.01.2018

(2) Strugnell, C (2305) – Rozentalis. E (2527), Augsburg, 04.01.2018

(3) Brown, Thomas (2064) – Willmoth, Robert F (2267) 4NCL, 13.01.2018

(4) Blackburn, J (2189) – Ledger, A (2363)4NCL, 10.02.2018

(5) Kett, T (2215) – Taylor, Mart (2367)4NCL, 17.03.2018

(6) Davies, Matthew (2006) – Hall, John (2252)4NCL, 06.05.2018

(7) Fletcher, John T (1943) – Jhunjhnulawa, Ramesh (2260)WSTT 50+, 07.07.2018

(8) Jukes, Sam (1853) – Dambrauskas, V (2301)15th South Wales Int, 09.07.2018

(9) Jones, Iolo C (2175) – Vogt, Lothar (2376)WSTT 65+, 09.07.2018

(10) Kulashko, A (2349)- Blackburn, J (2185) 43rd Olympiad, 26.09.2018

(11) Camp, Imogen A L (1940) – Rodriguez Rueda, P (2298)Olympiad Women, 26.09.2018

(12) Bullen, Alex (2098) – Ker, A (2315) 43rd Olympiad, 26.09.2018

(13) Bekker Jensen, S (2482) – Blackburn ,J (2185) 43rd Olympiad, 30.09.2018

(14) Pleasants, A (2090) – Khader, Sam (2405)43rd Olympiad, 05.10.2018

(15) Blackburn, J (2185) – Ahmad, Al Khatib (2355)43rd Olympiad, 05.10.2018

(16) Podlesnik, B (2365) – Bevan, P (1886) 34th ECC Open, 12.10.2018

(17) Mansner, Harry (2278) – May, Adam J (1924) 34th ECC Open, 13.10.2018

(18) Lampen, T (2332) – Heaven, Pete (2041) 34th ECC Open, 13.10.2018#

(19) Hewitt, B (2015) – Sammalvuo, T (2414)34th ECC Open, 13.10.2018

(20) Thorarinsson, P (2270) – Garcia, Jas (2027) 34th ECC Open, 16.10.2018

(21) Dauletova, G (2261) – Jukes, Sam (1888) London Classic Open, 09.12.2018

The scores of these games can be downloaded here.  Any notes to these games (and any others) submitted by 31 January will be taken into account by the judges in reaching their decision.

These games have been taken from the weekly bulletins on the website of ‘The Week in Chess’. But games from less well-publicised English/European tournaments do not necessarily reach TWIC.  So would players please check that games they feel qualify are in the list and, if not, send them in.

ECU Newsletter December 2018

This can be viewed here.




This announcement invites WCU members, registered as Welsh with FIDE, to let us know by 15 January whether they may be interested in taking part in this event (and in which section) by e-mailing Peter Bevan (internationaldirector@welshchessunion.uk)  and Howard Williams (chairmanselectors@welshchessunion.uk).  

Players intending to form part of the team for the over-50 section which Mark Adams is organising need not respond directly to this request.

Details of Event

This event will take place in Rhodes from 15 April 2019 (date of arrival) to 25 April (date of departure). More detailed information is available here. Briefly, as in recent years, the WSTC will be a nine-round Swiss with standard FIDE time limits and one round a day. Teams of four play in any one round but that team may be chosen from a squad of five. Teams may represent either a national federation or ‘any regional structure of a federation’ and there is no limit to the number of teams a federation may enter.  But all the players in a squad must be registered with FIDE as representing the Federation making the entry.  There will be separate open events for teams of players all over 50 and all over 65 at the end of the calendar year.  Details of accommodation costs and the transportation / registration charge are given in the website announcement.

Welsh Participation

Players responding to this note who are over 65 (or will be by 31/12/19) and who are not members of Mark’s team (see above) should say whether they would be interested in taking part as members of a second over-50 team instead of an over-65 team. As in the past the WCU wish to give as many players as reasonably feasible a chance to participate in these events.  Requests to enter Welsh club or regional sides, as well as teams representing the WCU itself, are welcomed.  Players in club or regional sides must be WCU members but otherwise need not meet the WCU’s own eligibility rules on international representation. Welsh participants in these events in the past have found them enjoyable with many games against players of roughly the same standard as themselves.  The over-65 teams have done particularly well. The WCU is unable to contribute to players’ costs of participating in these events beyond paying one entry fee (of E100 to FIDE).

European Seniors Team Championships 2019

The equivalent event (usually with the same format as the World Seniors) is due to take place from 17 to 26 September in Croatia but no further details are currently available. The European event in recent years has been eclipsed by the World event and has attracted only small entries.  But, if there is sufficient demand, the WCU is prepared to enter a team or teams in this event too.  A website notice, seeking expressions of interest, will be posted once more is known.  

World Cadets Championship, Spain, Nov 3-16

Belated news from the World Cadets Tournament held in Santiago in Spain during November.

Hiya Ray was the only Welsh player to take part, playing in the Girls U12 Championship.  She was given financial support with a bursary from the WCU.  These bursaries are to support players whose rating suggests they have a good chance of scoring 50% or more in individual World Championship events.  

Hiya should be congratulated on her performance in this event where she scored 6/11, her opposition including 4 WCMs and a WFM, against who she scored 2 wins.  Her FIDE rating has gone up by 91 points as a result of the event.  Hiya is the first Welsh junior to have been supported with such a bursary, and it is very encouraging that she achieved the target score the junior committee would have wished.  The hope is that other players will reach high enough ratings to justify support in future, and by entering with such financial support, will bring Wales further success from these events.