The Check Weekly Inaugural Edition 28/8/20

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Welsh Chess Union Online League

There is still time to join this competition


OPEN: Aberystwyth, Cardiff, Morriston, White Knights

UNDER 1800: Barry, De La Beche Pawns, De La Beche Rooks, North Cardiff, North Cardiff Penguins

WCU and FIDE Survey on Anti-Cheating Rules

FIDE has sent out a questionnaire to all Federations to gauge opinion on anti-cheating rules and sanctions in order to form policy. Members can reply individually to, or can use the WCU survey. We will pass on the results on behalf of members.

WCU Survey 

FIDE Notification

Wales at the FIDE Online Chess Olympiad – August 2020 by Jason Garcia

Every 2 years FIDE organises a world team championship event and this was due to be played in August 2020 in Russia over a two and a half week period.  Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 this event was cancelled and instead FIDE organised an online event. This event was organised at very different time limit […]

Annual General Meeting 6th September 2020

Set out below and available for download are:

Agenda for the meeting Minutes of the previous AGM (February 2019) Schedule of officers standing for re-election.

Procedures for the online meeting will inevitably be different, but we will endeavour to keep them as structured and as formal as possible. However, it is inevitable there will be […]

The 1st Welsh Chess Union Online League 2020 including Rules

With the continued lack of over the board opportunities to play chess due to the continuing Covid-19 Pandemic the Welsh Chess Union is organising an on line league to begin in September 2020. 

There is no entry fee for competing in this event.

There will be two sections, Open and Under 1800. All players in […]

2020 Online Olympiad

Our team starts tomorrow (7/8/20) to compete in an 11 -team all-play-all.

The results can be found here:

Annual General Meeting – Election of Officers

An important element of the AGM to be held online on 6 September 2020 is the election of officers. This democratic process is even more important this year as we seek to deal with the coronavirus crisis, to ensure that chess in Wales remains and continues in a healthy state. It would be good to […]

COVID-19 and WCU Annual Membership Fees

The July meeting of the Management Board discussed the continuing coronavirus crisis and its effect on chess activity. It was agreed that priority will be given to creating a programme of online events for WCU members.

The MB also discussed the resumption of over the board activities, and clearly there is much uncertainty over when […]

Glorney Gilbert 2020

Ian Eustis writes:

This year the tournament was meant to be held in France, but Covid 19 soon put paid to that.

Eventually an offer to hold the tournament on line from Alex Holowczak, the Director of Junior Chess for England, was accepted. 

Paradoxically, France then declined to participate. (They had rearranged their junior championships […]