ECU E-Magazine July 2020

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2nd WCU Online Blitz Results

The result was:

1st Grzegorz Toczek

2nd Tomasz Miga

3rd Tim Kett

4NCL Online and Junior 4NCL Online Seasons 2 and 3

The 4NCL has anounced the expected schedule for seasons 2 and 3 of both the 4NCL Online and Junior 4NCL Online.

The dates for all fixtures can now be found on the Calendar.

The 4NCL have confirmed that:

“Many thanks to everyone who responded to the 4NCL Online and Junior 4NCL surveys (which you can find on the 4NCL website); we’ve taken account of the feedback in a number of areas:

Entry forms for season 2 will shortly be available on the 4NCL website, together with the rules and fair play guidelines.

  1. The group stage will consist of seven rounds APA (divisions 1-4). Division 5 will be a seven-round Swiss.
  2. Play-offs in Divisions 1-4 will consist of semi-finals and finals (so no quarter-finals).
  3. The penalty for defaults and team list errors is reduced from a game point to half a game point in recognition of the fact that there are only four players per team.
  4. We thought long and hard about the frequency of matches. A majority of people participating in the survey favoured weekly matches, but on reflection we have gone with fortnightly matches for the following reasons:

(a) The appeals process for season 2 under the fair play guidelines is in our view more robust than the earlier guidelines, and we need to allow sufficient time for any appeals both to Lichess and to the appeals committee;

(b) Organising weekly matches for two leagues in season 1 placed a significant admin burden on the 4NCL team which we need to be cognisant of;

(c) We’re very conscious of the risk of fixture congestion as online chess continues to grow in popularity, and would like to play our part in not adding to the problem;

(d) Fortnightly matches give clubs that play on Tuesdays (4NCL Online) or Thursdays (4NCL Junior Online) the chance, should they wish to avail themselves of it, of having a conversation with their OTB league fixture secretaries about avoiding clashes between the 4NCL Online dates and evening league dates as and when OTB resumes.

  1. A player will only be eligible to play for a team in the play-off matches if at least half of the total number of games he/she played in the group stage were played for the team in question.

We’re going for a modest entry fee of £10. We hope that nobody would begrudge the 4NCL team at least some small financial recognition of their efforts, and we would also like to upgrade the number and quality of the trophies we can provide.

Finally, we’re going to run a couple of further events:

  1. A seven-round online autumn congress with one round played each fortnight from 1 September to 24 November inclusive;
  2. A second 4NCL online congress played over the weekend of 21-23 August.

Could I ask you please to bring both events to the attention of your players? Again, information on both events will be on the 4NCL website shortly. Many thanks!”

Kind regards

Mike Turan

PS Alex H has written an interesting article about fair play issues in online chess which again you can find on the 4NCL website.



Welsh team selection for 2020 Online Olympiad

The full Welsh team has now been anounced for the upcoming 2020 Online Olympiad which starts on July 22nd. These are as follows:

Category ‘Main’ Players Reserves
Open Boards 1. Greg Toczek 3. Jason Garcia
2. Tim Kett 4. William Hewitt
Women’s Boards 1. Olivia Smith 3. Julie Wilson
2. Kimberley Chong 4. Vacant
Open Under 20 1. Ifan Rathbone-Jones 2. Hugo Fowler
Girl Under 20 1. Venetia Sivarjasingam 2. Shayanna Sivarjasingam
Team Captain Jason Garcia  

2nd WCU Online Blitz (22/7/20)

The 2nd WCU Online Blitz will be held on 22nd July 2020 starting at 19.00pm.

Further details can be found here.

1st WCU Online Blitz Results

The results are shown below.

1st – Hugo Fowler

2nd – Tom Brown

3rd – Joe Fathallah

2020 WCU AGM

The 2020 WCU AGM will be held online on 6th September at 14.30pm.

All proposals should be forwarded to the Executive Director by 9th August.

International Chess Day July 20th 2020

The WCU has received the following message from FIDE.

“Dear chess friend,

Very soon, on July 20th, we will celebrate International Chess Day. As you probably know, this also marks FIDE’s 96th anniversary.

This is a day to celebrate chess, and from the International Chess Federation, we would like to reinforce this tradition.

Last year many of you joined us in this celebration, and thanks to that we achieved resounding success: many people and institutions from “outside” the chess world echoed our campaign, and we managed to attract more people to our sport.

This year we will also count on the invaluable support of the United Nations and UNESCO.

We would like to invite you to take part in this celebration again. Our plan for the International Chess Day 2020 is simple but ambitious: we want to make an appeal to the members of our chess community and ask you to teach someone how to play chess to mark this day.

You will find detailed instructions below. I would kindly ask you to distribute this information among your friends, members of your chess club or federation, associates and sponsors, and representatives of the media in your respective countries.

Arkady Dvorkovich
FIDE President” Continue reading International Chess Day July 20th 2020

Hugh Price RIP – An appreciation by Stuart Hutchings

Cardiff Club secretary Bill Hunt and I had both been regular weekly/fortnightly visitors to Hugh in his Care Home the last 18 months or so, where we always found him alert, speaking knowledgeably about world events and taking a keen interest in chess at the Cardiff club and wider afield.

Bill and I had to cease visiting because of the Covid-19 restrictions and thus we did not see him for many weeks. It was therefore a great surprise when he phoned both of us on 27th April to say his ‘goodbyes’ as he had been told he only had days to live. This gesture showed the character and the dignity of the man, and although days turned into weeks and we knew the inevitable was imminent, it was still very sad to hear today of his passing.

Although this is an unhappy time, I still thought it appropriate to let the chess community in Wales know more about Hugh, and what follows is based on a speech I gave to celebrate the occasion of his 80th birthday. Continue reading Hugh Price RIP – An appreciation by Stuart Hutchings

Hugh Price RIP

It is with great sadness that we have learned that Hugh Price passed away earlier today at the age of 94.

Hugh had been in a care home for a couple of years with various illnesses, but died peacefully in his sleep with his niece and nephew at the bedside. Hugh was associated with the Cardiff Chess Club for over 70 years and for most of that time was at the centre of chess life in the Cardiff area.

He will be remembered with great affection by players, past and present, by the many juniors that he coached and their families, and by the wider chess community in Wales and beyond. Hugh’s unfailing patience,kindness and generosity endeared him to all who knew him. He was the perfect gentleman and will be greatly missed.

Cardiff Chess Club will commemorate Hugh in an appropriate way when restrictions are lifted.